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Climate Fintech

Cards & Payments

Advancing climate action with every transfer, payment, and card swipe

Applications are now closed
$100k first place prize to the winner

Program Highlights


Areas of Opportunity

Retail & Commercial Carbon Accounting
Sustainable eCommerce
Digital Wallets & Mobile Payments
Blockchain & DLT applications in sustainability
Carbon Offset Gamification & Incentivization
Reward Program Points and Benefit Structures
API Integration and “Green Open Banking”
Consumer Behavior & Education
Building a digestible “Green Score”
Integration with Online Banking and Investment Products


Selection Criteria

  • Both startups and projects/initiates from within existing companies are eligible
  • At least two full-time employees working on your idea
  • Can be a for or non-profit, or a hybrid
  • Your project directly addresses climate in the function, operations or business model AND the project is a digital financial technology (fintech)
  • Project from anywhere/ any location can submit

What is the
Cards & Payments Challenge?

The CPC Challenge is the first-ever competition to nurture Climate Fintech, bringing together the latest innovators and technologies which can impact the way we spend, the things we buy, and the rewards we reap. The Challenge welcomes an applicant pool of diverse solutions from across digital payments, digital wallets, credit assessment, rewards, and processing infrastructure – so long as the focal point is decarbonization and better stewardship of the planet.

The Challenge will guide both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs during a 3-week sprint, exposing participants to mentorship, matchmaking, and technologies from our strategic partners, including some of the largest players in credit cards and payments. This is an unprecedented opportunity to secure outside investment and POCs in such a niche, burgeoning space.


Credit cards and payments infrastructure are a powerful mechanism – intrinsic to consumption, though often at the expense of our environment. Now with the recent push for climate action by both consumers and banks, reconfiguring this tool to help decarbonize has never had greater traction. There is perhaps no better way to normalize climate action in our daily consumption patterns.


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