The Barclays Digital Wallet API reduces the amount of resources associated with credit card origination, card manufacture, and shipping. This API also enables Secure Transaction Authorization, digital receipts for reduced paper usage. This API paves the way for building a completely digital credit card product. Developers can seamlessly register and access this API to build various experiences for customers. Visit

Mastercard’s global API portal is Mastercard’s ‘one front door’ for doing business over APIs, helping partners from all over the world integrate into our vast range of payment, security, sustainability and data services. The platform also includes a ‘New and Experimental’ API category that enables partners to test new technologies and applications. Visit

Specific APIs can be found below:
Carbon Calculator
Priceless Planet Data Services
Open Banking Connect

The world leading Åland Index by Doconomy provides the ability to measure both the CO2 and H2O impact from financial transactions. Through the Åland Index API we enable you to build an engaging experience where your customers can increase awareness and take action. Help your customers learn about their consumption’s climate and water footprint and drive behavioral change.

The Patch API enables developers to programmatically purchase carbon offsets/removal from a growing network of projects, estimate the carbon footprint of certain activities such as blockchain transactions, and build transparent and engaging carbon removal experiences with API-delivered content.